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Our Proud History




As fifth Lions Club in Southern Africa and second Club in the then South West after Windhoek (1958) the Club was chartered on 4 September 1959.


The 16 Charter Members were:

Gerhard Arnol, Immo Boehlke, Henry Eksteen, Adolf Groenewald, Rudi Gramowski, Hermann Hoepker, Louis Halse, Hermann Hilse, Jacobus Jerphanion, Walter Klein, Wilfried Matheis, Frederick Miller, Gerhard Roeder, Phillip Tydemann, Hensleigh Walters, Wilhelm Wittlich.


From these Charter Members, Louis Halse and Hensleigh Walters later became Chairman of the Council of Governors between 1969 and 1971. Phillip Tydemann was the only Life Member of this Club thus far.


The Presidents since Charter:

1959 Hensliegh Walters, 1960 Wilfried Matheis, 1961 Hanjo Huhn, 1962 Gerhard Roeder, 1963 Hanjo Huhn, 1964 Joerg Henrichsen, 1965 Wolfgang Schirmer, 1966 Wilfried Matheis, 1967 Dr. T. Hansmann, 1968 Heinz Heuschneider, 1969 Graham Louw, 1970 Hans-Dieter Goethje, 1971 Hanjo Huhn, 1972 Joerg Henrichsen, 1973 Heinz Heuschneider, 1974 Wally Ruzicki, 1975 Richard Schumacher, 1976 Lorenz Hesse, 1977 Lorenz Hesse, 1978 Jochen Kaubisch, 1979 Jochen Kaubisch, 1980 Helmut Egner, 1981 Dr. W. Swiegers, 1982 John Berning, 1983 Wally Ruzicki, 1984 Uwe Hecht, 1985 Uwe Hecht, 1986 Daantjie Nel, 1987 Daantjie Nel, 1988 Walter Degele, 1989 Sidney Smith, 1990 Ernst Heuschneider,) 1990 Werner Zimney, 1991Guenther Knabe, 1992 Polla van Niekerk, 1993 Polla van Niekerk, 1994 Tubby Kaaijk, 1995 Peter von Garnier, 1996 Joern von Wenzel, 1997 Joern von Wenzel, 1998 Chris Nel, 1999 Hans Jochelsen, 2000 Peter von Garnier, 2001 Peter von Garnier, 2002 Chris Nel, 2003 Almuth Styles, 2004 Johan van Es,2005 Heinz Papenheim, 2006 Heinz Papenheim 2007 Hans Jochelsen 2008 Jorn Von Wenzel 2009 Harald Lueth 2010 Chris Nel 2011 Hans Jochelson 2012 Heinz Papenheim 2015 Frederik Kruger 2017 Heinz Papenheim 2018 Max Schwieger 2019 Heiko Zicker 2020 Stephen Steenekamp




The idea to build a Home for the aged came up for they were living on backyards or houses they were unable to maintain. On second thought Swakopmund’s climate makes it the idea place to retire.



The Club officially accepted the idea. Advertising to the general public resulted in an inheritance of R57 300 by Mr Wolf Mueller-Blau with the condition to proof that the Home is built and operative for ten years. Registered as a wo13 to publicly collect money under then Health department.



Club obtained a 7 000 square meter erf (801) at Rhode Allee for R10,00.


1967 – 1st stage of completion September

A donation of R10 000 by Mrs Linda Brumme made it possible tO start the first building stage comprising of 10 single Bungalows, 1 ablution block, 1 Matron quarters, 1 Garage, 2 servants quarters. Cost R33 700. The Matron, Mrs E. Heckmann stayed with us for 27 years. Mr.Taetje Woker became another major donor..



First application to the Administration for financial assistance. (denied)


Repeat of application for assistance; denied


1972 – 2nd stage, date of completion September

Investment came free. Second stage: 10 single Bungalows, 2 double Bungalows, 1 Dining Hall with kitchen, cold room and pantry. Cost R55 300. Kaethe Heuschneider und Mr Heinrich Huebsch became major donors 1973. Reply from Government. Offer declined for the Club would have lost complete control over their project.


1974 – 3rd stage, date of completion June.

8 double Bungalows, 13 single Bungalows, 1 double ablution Block, 1 Library, 1 Hobby Room, 1 Office. Cost R97 900.


1978 – 4th stage, date of completion February

3 Garages, 1 Storeroom. Cost R5 000. With this stage, the erf was fully utilized. Purchase of second 14 900 sq. meter erf (2781) from the Municipality at a cost of R30



Acquisition of Erf No 2781 – 5th stage, date of completion May

15 double Bungalows, 6 Garages. Cost R50 300.

Insurance value at this stage: R345 000 plus R1000 for inventory.


1982 – 6th stage, date of completion November

Mrs E. Boettger donated her house on erf 783, corner Lazarett/Luederitz Str in exchange for a double Bungalow. Sale realised R30 000 which lead to 1 ablution Block, 1 Storeroom, 8 double Bungalows and 2 single Bungalows. Garages


1984 – 7th stage, date of completion November

23 units, 12 Garages. Cost R330 000.


1986 – 8th stage, date of completion March

3 Garages


1986 – 9th stage, date of completion September

Extension of one Bungalow on erf 801.


1988 – 10th stage, date of completion October

Servants quarters. Built with the aid of the Lions Club Essen-Werethina and LCIF Hilfswerk District 111 Germany.

Named Blocks after major donors: Blumme Bock, Kaethe Heuschneider Block, Tetje Woker Block, Heinrich Huebsch Block.


1990 – 11 stage

Alteration and conversion of 1 storeroom into the Lions Den.


1995 – 12th stage, date of completion February

In March the newly-built Frail Care Centre to accommodate 10 patients was officially opened. Building Cost N$600 000. Major donors: LCIF – US$50 000; Lions Club Wittingen – DM 30 000, plus one Container full of Hospital equipment. Purchase of 10 600 square metre erf no 911 adjacent to the existing Home. Idea of a Retirement Village came up.


1998 – 13th stage

Building a Retirement Village with 28 units commenced. Cost R5 300 000.



Retirement Village completed. All units occupied. During the years virtually all single Bungalows were converted into double Bungalows.


2000 – 14th stage

April; excavations for Frail Care Centre extension. New extension named Venske Fluegel R 450 000


2001 – 15th stage August/September

Extension of Dining Hall with permanent Bar facility; complete revamping of kitchen with walk-in Cooler and Deepfreeze, Office and strong room. New toilets. N$ 487 000


2005 – 16th stage

During March to September – 3 Double Bungalows added, all paid for by tenants  38b, 44a, 64a  N$ ca 460 000


2006 – 17th stage

2 more Bungalows, built & paid by tenants 38c,38a, N$ 400 000

Major repairs to old section, complete overhaul (painting/roofing felt), 2 garages built paid by tenant, N$ 180 000


2007-18th stage

Gap between Laundry and Flat No 8 closed, erected an additional Laundry at approx N$ 65000. This Laundry is for OLD AGE HOME (plus Residents) and FCC (plus Residents). Old laundry for privately owned machines, only. Internal water metre installed in Jan 2008 to establish water consumption



Fundraising, bequests, donations and selling of usufruct made it possible to finance the project without any state assistance. Costs for repairs and maintenance are recovered from interests received respectively from donations of the Lions Club as well as from monthly contributions made by the residents.



Dismantling of old wooden change rooms. They used to be at the seafront where the swimming pool is today. The material was used to build a home for the Boy Scouts behind the Brewery’s storage room. This area is now occupied by the Municipal Bungalows.

Open-air dances were held where the present Museum is. Treasure hunt at the beach. Catering was one main source to raise money; horse and motorcar races, motorcar promotion at the Vogelfederberg, opening of the tar road Swakopmund/Usakos, the bridge over the Swakop River, planting of the replica cross at Cape Cross.

Weddings, cocktail parties for Municipality and Administrators or a teachers’ congress. The final train trip along the beach to Walvis Bay. Catering for cruise ship passengers at the Grosser Baum, Fish Braai for Dunes 95, Braais for German Turkey breeders. Ran Beertent when HEINO the German Singer performed in Swakopmund. Sold Erbsensuppe at Knobelmeisterschaft at Wilhelmstal.

Beer fests, Fruehschoppen, Theatre plays for grown-ups (12). 1967 the first edition of the book “Das Alte Swakopmund” was published, a second and third edition followed. The last couple of years the bar service at the annual Carnival became a major fund-raiser next to the participation at the yearly Christmas Market. Golf Days and monthly Bratwurst sales round the activities off. Lately the Christmas Market was abandoned, Ehafo supported and got better results.



The aged received priority: paying for spectacles, dentures and even for a coffin. Prior to the tar road-link hostel children were taken to and from the station regardless what time they arrived. Blood bank was started and is still supported. Equipment donated to the Marie Douglas Heim, Incubator to the Elizabeth Heim in Windhoek.

Donated and maintained radio control system in local hospital to communicate with the ambulance. A glucometer was donated to the Johanniter Orden. Blind children from Worcester were accommodated. A bazaar was held in aid of the Red Cross maternity home. A cup was sponsored for the best netball teams of schools in Swakopmund, Usakos, Omaruru and Karibib.

Less privileged children were helped with train fares, school and youth movement uniforms, sent children to “Veld n Vlei” others to Cape Town. 150 Easter eggs were donated to senior citizens from Windhoek visiting Swakopmund. Local schools received money for their prize-giving to buy books for the pupils. An art contest over three years was held. The first three winners received prize-money as well as the school. The Adventskaffee and the Christmas Dinner at the Old Age Home is a permanent item on the list of service. 1968 saw the involvement with " SOS Childrens Village" in Swakopmund –due to circumstances beyond our control the involvement was abandoned.

At Independence Day 1990, a Baby Flag was donated to the new hospital but the first baby arrived only three days later. Not to forget the children playground in Mondesa built by Lions in 1961. Other institutions like Johaniter, Cancer Ass. etc helping the community are supported financially. Erich Wannenmacher ( Erich's Restaurant ) prepared twice a meal for the residents in the OLD AGE HOME kitchen.

Club bore half the meal cost. Mel Chester’s soup kitchen in Mondesa, CHAIN as well as Saal 6 (supportive group Fcc States Hospital were supported financially. Two nurses were paid flight to Johannesburg to attend seminars.


On national and international basis: supported the Namibia Relief Fund (money collected to be able to assist should a disaster in Namibia occur)[this fund was dissolved]; Campaign Sight First as well as Campaign Sight First 2, to fight blindness in the world. Support of LCIF (Lions Club Internatioanl Foundation) During the last couples of years all Grade One learners have had and in future will have their eyes tested. In the DRC ( suburb of Swakopmund ) an ablution block was paid for by the Lions (N$ 17 000). N$ 10 000 went towards Mahetago Community Centre.


1985 Brochure on Lions Old Age Home

1988 First matron Mrs Heckmann retires after 27 years

1988 Du Plessis couple employed as manager/matron OLD AGE HOME

1990 Dispute Manager – Old Age Home/Lions Club | Valerie Retief Matron OLD AGE HOME

1994 Twinning with Lions Club Wittingen

1996 Feasibility study to have professional catering at OLD AGE HOME kitchen. Not viable.

1997 Replacement of oil burner stove with  gas stove; N$ 9 000,00

Donation DM 1 000,00 towards Swakopmund German Schools from anonymous German Lion. Brought educational books; donated them to shools

1998 Visit of Mrs Herzog, wife of the then German President, to the Frail Care Centre; donated TV-dish.

1998 Twinning with Lions Club De Grendel

1999 20 January – Annetjie Lemstra Matron OLD AGE HOME

2000 March – Vera Kutzner to take over as Manager OLD AGE HOME

Inheritance N$ 75000 from Mr H.Venske

2003 December – V Kutzner leaves employment

2004 January – Jeanne Snyman takes over

2005 Inheritance N$ 271 000 from HJ von Bennigsen (former Pretoria House)

2006 February – Inheritance of N$ 57 000 from Mrs.I.Kluesener

May: Jeanne Snyman leaves

June:Club bestowed Melvin Jones Fellowship on Lion Walter Degele

July: first month of separation Lions Club/WO13

2006 Date Lion Johan van Es employed as temp.manager Lions Old Age Home

August:  Heike Nieuwenhuizen take over as Matron (Assistant to Manager-Operations) OLD AGE HOME

September: inherited N$ 40 278 from Mrs Elizabeth Jeanette Hoihs

2007 Lion Johan van Es employed Manager-Operation WO13.

March: Ludwig Schroeder Estate Agents CC issue a valuation Certificate No 7804 quoting a replacement value of the entire OLD AGE HOME complex of N$ 47.411.635,35.

May Club bestowed Melvin Jones Fellowship on Lion Joern von Wenzel

September Inheritance N$ 50 000 from Mr H.H.Roxin

Our Mission
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